• Reverse the Policy of
    Aged Care Cuts.

    Reverse the cuts to aged care budgets
  • Fund the Care Seniors
    Need and Deserve.

    Reverse the cuts to aged care budgets

The Federal Government has cut Aged Care funding by $3.1 billion since 2014. The cuts have significantly reduced funding for services to the frailest older Australians, including:

  • treatments to relieve chronic pain
  • assisting seniors with their medication
  • monitoring their blood pressure
  • caring for their delicate skin
  • looking after complex wounds

$3.1 billion cuts to Aged Care

Starting with the 2014-15 Federal Budget, funding for our vulnerable seniors, has been subjected to savage cuts.


Total Cuts – 2014-15


Total Cuts – 2015-16


Total Cuts – 2016-17


Total Cuts – 2017-18


Total Cuts – 2018-19


Total Cuts – 2019-20

*Does not include an estimated $200 Million from ongoing cuts introduced in 2014.

Our Population is Ageing
Demand for Aged Care Services Will Only Grow

Australia's Ageing Population

What we want to achieve

A commitment from all political parties to reverse the $3.1 billion of cuts to aged care. Funding cuts that impact the accessibility, affordability and quality of care for many older Australians.

Today, aged care is a vital issue for some 3.6 million Australians aged 65 and over. In 10 years, this number is projected to increase to almost 5 million, an increase of 37 per cent.

Governments cutting funding to meet Treasury expenditure projections, is nothing more than complete denial about the growing demand for care, and the true cost of the care our seniors need and deserve. Mr. Rooney, LASA CEO said:

“We understand that the Federal Budget is under pressure. The answer is not to impose unilateral cuts. The answer is to work collaboratively with the sector to develop a sound footing for a sustainable aged care sector for today and for the future”.

Reverse the cuts, fund the care seniors need and deserve!

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